Photo by Jon Bergman

Beloved songwriter RY X and electronic producer FRANK WIEDEMANN have finally released new music under their moniker HOWLING. Phases follows their acclaimed 2015 debut Sacred Ground and is out now via Counter Records and also teases the duo’s upcoming live shows. The gentlemen about their new song:

‘We began this track with a few synths and some obscure vinyl samples when we had some time together in California in an old wood and stone house looking down over the sea… everything was recorded there with all the beautiful scratch and hiss of a lounge room with windows open to the world… we shaped it further playing it live, learnt how it needed to flow and gently coerced it when we could in Berlin and Ibiza and anywhere we found ourselves in between… it found its way to its many forms and carries all those places and moments with it now.’

Find out more about the band in our entertaining 2015 interview with HOWLING and enjoy the new piece right here.