S. Carey - Photo by by Cameron Wittig

Photo by by Cameron Wittig

Creating the right images for a great song is a tough challenge for every video clip director. Just ask Joe Baughman who was responsible for producing the new S. CAREY music video. Fire-scene is a beautiful piece of tender folk music from the musician who’s also part of the live-set-up for Justin Vernon’s BON IVER. The new S. CAREY album Range Of Light will be released via Jagjaguwar on April the 1st and if it is as good as this single we can expect greatness.

Baughman on his video idea: ‘The carefully crafted song is, with audio alone, full of magnificent images. My task was to take the images that were right in front of me and transfer them into something anybody with sight could view.’ An easy challenge with a quite satisfying result as the director points out: ‘The video, without spoiling the freedom of interpretation, has so many natural juxtapositions of tone, color, shape, and space that I was easily able to make it suggest what I wanted it to suggest and more.’ Without further ado – get lost in the music of S. CAREY and this stunning images right now.