Saint Saviour - Press 2014Sometimes ‘back to basics’ can be more than just a far too often used phrase. Especially in music it can really help to unfold the true talent of an artist or the key message in his songs. At least that’s what British songwriter Becky Jones thought when it came to the recording of her latest longplayer under her alias SAINT SAVIOUR. The musician, who previously also did vocal work on a few tracks by GROOVE ARMADA, stripped things a bit down on her forthcoming LP In The Seams (out November 4 via Surface Area). Looking back on her 2012 debut Union Mrs. Jones clearly isn’t that happy with the output in retrospect. Back then she felt a bit like ‘a caricature writer, writing about dream scenarios or characters’ as she stated in a press release for the new album. ‘I over confused things with layers and layers of production’ she confesses, resulting in a more reduced follow-up.

Today’s ‘Sound of the Night’, the sweet St. Malo, is a perfect demonstration of that new approach. SAINT SAVIOUR delivers a gentle lullaby with a fragile but confident vocal performance. Honest and authentic. Reducing herself to the songs and their themes was a good choice. You can witness the beauty right here via the folks from Wondering Sound.