Who is it?

Norwegian electropop chanteuse SANDRA KOLSTAD is an old favourite of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, travelling with us for a few years now. We reported about her video shoot once, she also produced a Guestmix for us and now, over two years after her album Zero Gravity State Of Mind, she finally returns with new music in the form of Mango Corner, a collaboration with MISS TATI.

Why should you listen to it?

Mrs KOLSTAD remains a restless traveller between genres on this new track. It’s still quite captivating synthpop but got a raw urgency in it while still trying to not be your ordinary everyday pop song. According to the artist Mango Corner ‘is a song about utopias, and in a way it is as much a place as a song.’ So, don’t try to google Mango Corner since it’s KOLSTAD‘s very personal utopian place you are all welcome to join.

What’s next?

This is the first teaser of the long awaited new SANDRA KOLSTAD album which arrives later this fall, so we can surely expect more new music along the way.

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