Patrick Jakubowski

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from gifted Finnish outfit SANS PARADE but we kept them and their debut LP in good memories. Now Markus Perttula, Jani Lehto and Pekka Tupparainen are back with yet another emotionally devastating experience called Artefacts, out this Friday via Stargazer Records. It’s compiled of seven, loosely connected songs, centering around the pretty post-modern idea of fractured reality, all drenched in subtly dramatic art pop. If you fancy getting a first impression of how that might sound we thankfully are able to offer you a stream of Artefacts in its entirety below.

In some magic ways, the concept of this second record reaches back to the first one, as SANS PARADE point out:

The initial idea for this album was born, when we were making a music video for ‘In a Coastal Town’ from the previous album. We were shooting at a location near a small rapid and, as we were setting up the camera on the bridge crossing it, we found some fragments of a torn letter. The shredded letter was probably thrown into the rapid, signifying the sad ending of a relationship, but the wind had blown some of those pieces onto the bridge. The text appeared to be written by a young girl who had been disappointed in love. As she was writing down her deepest feelings, she had decided that the target of her waning love was not worthy of her true emotions, so the letter had been cathartically destroyed – like in a ritual.

SANS PARADE‘s Artefacts is out this Friday, November 27th via Stargazer.