Attention, admirers of our longtime friend and beloved artist SARAH P.. There’s new material coming our way and as it’s always been her way, there’s something more to it than just being another splendid, dreamily sparkling pop tune. Frankly, that’s what I’d Go, SARAH P.‘s new single, is. In an extensive note, published on her website, she herself explained how the song itself emerged, stating that it ‘was written very spontaneously during an afternoon blur caused by stress and bad news. So spontaneous it was that I recorded it with my phone.’ Without any doubt, the spontaneity and the struggle are sensible in the song. But as mentioned before: there’s also more to it and more to come.

First, I’d Go is taken from SARAH P.‘s upcoming EP Free, which will be out on her birthday, December 14th, via her freshly started, very own label EraseRestart. Moreover, the song is the lead track for the recently launched MENSCH campaign – a charity effort to raise awareness and provide actual help for those who are in need by spreading a simple message: We’re all human (further information on it can be found here). What does that have to do with the tune, you ask? Well, we’ll let the artist do the speaking here:

I don’t support the edges. I don’t see what’s the point in fighting fire with fire. I don’t see a point in hurting each other in the name of a belief – whatever that belief is. The terror is constructed. We created it. Now we should fix what went wrong. No more criminals, no more psychos to lead our lives. We are all the same old people. Mensch. Menschen.

I’d Go is out today and streamable right here: