scarlet chives - the timber will fall

Sound of the Day: Scarlet Chives – The Timber Will Fall

The Timber Will Fall is the shocking new video by Danish band SCARLET CHIVES. Maybe it’s Brian Batz aka SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE who gives this band the special dark and artistic touch. Maybe they are all crazy. No matter where the certain craziness of SCARLET CHIVES comes from, it is important to say that, even if The Timber Will Fall has a really shocking video, the song is an amazing one and the video should be seen as art, because that’s what it is. Quite the same with SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE‘s video to A Dark God Heart, so it might be that it is Brian Batz, who is a band member of SCARLET CHIVES, who brings this influence. And even more: he brings attention to his new band by telling about it in interviews. And what besides the shocking video scenes and Brian connects both bands? Right, the dark sounding melancholic music.

“We need protection from the dark, we need protection from the dark.”

The video for The Timber Will Fall which was shot by Aske Bang was taken down from several sites because it shows two naked women (one of them is Maria Mortensen, the singer of SCARLET CHIVES), jerking men and a monster woman. It’s definitely worth to see and hear The Timber Will Fall, which is named “Sound of the Day” today. Enjoy, but take care!