SeawavesAin’t we all want to be born with the ability to fly away? Well, while technically and biologically not possible there’s still music for our delight. And for our daily dosis of escapism. And maybe we are Born To Fly after all. At least according to NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION’s sound Of The day today by Manchester-based duo SEAWAVES. The two lads from England unfold a dreamy and epic piece that follows the musical paths of such beloved acts like ACTIVE CHILD, MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY or M83.

And Si Van Brussel and Dan Traynor really know how to create such stunning sounds. Born To Fly is uplifting shoegaze material full synthies, reverbs and… well, dreams. SEAWAVES are currently preparing their first full length release and we’re pretty sure that this isn’t the last time we’ve heard of these guys. Ready to take off!