Shura - Press 2014

Believe the hype or not. That’s a question of almost Shakespearean dimensions we’re facing once again when it comes to young British talent SHURA. Still, the main argument should remain the music in in the case of that English/Russian lady this is a heavy one. Her first single Touch already created a discreet buzz in the blogosphere; now the singer/songwriter who also produces her own music returns with a second one.

Indecision is another highly entertaining nod to the glory days of synthpop in the 80s as it spreads an almost early-MADONNA vibe that teams up with the sound of, let’s say, BLOOD ORANGE. Gentle tropical pop in the smoothest possible way. Let’s just put it that way: that new SHURA tune will definitely help you to get through that Wednesday. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is also presenting her forthcoming show at the Berghain Kantine in Berlin on December the 10th. So, watch out for that and enjoy Indecision right here.