Simian GhostSwedish indie-pop group SIMIAN GHOST reports back with dreamy new material in the form of a new track called A Million Shining Colours. The last thing we saw from these guys was the epic eight minute long music video for Autumn Slowmo (For The Dejected Realist) one year ago. And it looks like follow-up material to the 2012 longplayer Youth is on it’s way.

Band leader Sebastian Arnström on the new tune: “We wrote ‘A Million Shining Colours’ based on an idea which runs through much of the material on the new record; that we would try to develop our songwriting, partly by looking back in music history. The lyrics, to me, are about that feeling I think many people working with music or art in any form gets sometimes, that it’s a bit hopeless what you’re doing.”

Check out the new SIMIAN GHOST material right here.