Sin Cos Tan - Photo by Tomi Palsa

SIN COS TAN, live at Flow Festival 2014 (Photo by Tomi Palsa)

An interview with Finnish synthpop band SIN COS TAN on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is long overdue. We’ve been following the musical adventures of Jori Hulkkonen and Juho Paalosmaa for quite a while now. Last year’s album Blown Away was one of our favourite records of 2014, thanks to a clever stroy concept and catchy pop melodies. Now, the likely duo returns with a new EP called Smile. Tomorrow Will Be Worse next month, featuring three new songs. So, it’s about time to give these two gentlemen the attention they deserve as we’re having SIN COS TAN over for our infamous ‘Introducing Q&A’ and trust us, their answers are as entertaining as their music.

How would you describe your music to our readers in one sentence?

Jori: Disco to cry to.
Jjuho: The most optimistic music ever made by honest people.

Which 5 tracks should start a mixtape to perfectly capture your musical influences?


1. MICHAEL NYMAN – Knowing the Ropes
3. KISSING THE PINK – Big Man Restless
4. WHEN IN ROME – The Promise
5. CHRIS HÜELSBECK – The Great Bath (from Turrican 2)


1. PET SHOP BOYSTwo divided by zero
2. THE ASSOCIATES – Club Country
3. TWO OF US – Two of us
4. ENNIO MORRICONE – Amore come dolore
5. GEORG OTZ – Muuttuvat laulut

Describe your earliest musical memory

Juho: Probably Let’s Dance or Thriller back in the early 80’s. My family was living in Torrevieja for some time, and these got nonstop airplay back then. I was very young.
Jori: DJing last weekend. Can’t remember much further back.

Would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon?

Juho: Wtf? If this is a Game of Thrones related question, I’d rather be the dragon and roast the entire cast. Would effectively bring the series to a close and make for a gripping finale.
Jori: I have a pet turtle. Does that count?

If your music would score a movie what sort of movie would that be? What actors can you imagine playing in it?

Jori: Erotic science-fiction comedy for the whole family. The only two actors in the film would be Jude Law and Terrence Hill.
Juho: An obscure 2D animated quasi-fantasy film with dudes like Cam Clarke and Frank Welker voicing it. And Lee Pace.

If this whole musician thing won’t workout – what would be your alternative dream job?

Juho: Something equally irrational or unrealistic. Like a lighthouse operator.
Jori: Gave up the back-up plan a long time ago. So it has to work. It has worked. It will work.

Tell us a mostly unknown artist we should definitely check out


The music industry is changing quite heavily these days. What’s the best and what’s the worst part of these changes, in your eyes?

Jori: Best thing: more power to the artist. Worst thing: more responsibility to the artist.
Jjuho: What Jori said.

Unleash your inner Burt Bacharach and complete the following sentence… ‘What the world needs now is…’

Juho: An abortion?
Jori: Another cold war

What role play ‘hope’ and ‘passion’ in your life?

Jori: At the moment, none.
Juho: Hahaha. Passion plays a role, but I gave up on hope a looong time ago.