Photo: Martin Høye

Who is it?

It’s SLØTFACE (Haley Shea, Tor-Arne Vikingstad, Lasse Lokøy and Halvard Skeie Wiencke), everyone’s favourite Stavanger pop-punks. We’ve been fans for ages now, and they’ve finally announced a debut album. Leading the charge from that record is new single Magazine.

Why should you listen to it?

Magazine is basically all that’s great about SLØTFACE distilled into one song, a rollercoaster blast of shiny guitars and political fire as vocalist Shea rails against the toxicity of the media dictating your body image. Shea says:

‘I really wanted to write a killer breakup song, but I’ve never really had any experience with heartbreaking, devastating, aggressive breakups, so I thought I would write a breakup song about breaking up with bad body image and unrealistic representations of human bodies in media. It’s fuelled by the back and forth of knowing that society creates unrealistic expectations regarding what people ‘should’ look like, and still feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because you don’t live up to those images’.

Magazine doesn’t so much demolish that toxicity as drop a bomb underneath it and light the fuse. It’s extremely cathartic, and also enormous fun.

What’s next?

SLØTFACE‘s anticipated debut album Try Not To Freak Out is out on September 15th via Propeller Recordings.

‘ Try Not To Freak Out’ – Tracklisting:
01. Magazine
02. Galaxies
03. Pitted
04. Sun Bleached
05. Pools
06. Night Guilt
07. Try
08. Nancy Drew
09. Slumber
10. Backyard

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