Soap&Skin - SugarbreadIt’s the first release in 2013 from the Austrian musician and actress Anja Plaschg alias SOAP&SKIN. And it’s a truly shocking one. The title track Sugarbread – published two weeks ago with a breathtaking video processed by Plaschg herself – mixes elements of a requiem, industrial rock, club music and dramatic film music to a song that is painful as a whiplash.

Next there’s an almost orchestral cover of the classic Me And The Devil from blues legend ROBERT JOHNSON which was covered by the unforgotten spoken word performer GIL SCOTT-HERON, too. And with the piano-based song Pray SOAP&SKIN is wandering along the tracks of NICO again, evoking a dark and melancholic mood as we know it from her highly acclaimed albums Lovetune for Vacuum and Narrow which also were released by PIAS Recordings. So after getting remixed by DJ KOZE, MATTHEW HERBERT, FENNESZ and others, and a guest appearance on APPARAT‘s second last album The Devil’s Walk, SOAP&SKIN takes the next step with an EP that makes us shivering with a view to the future of this gifted young woman. You can watch the stunning video to Sugarbread here: