Ain’t no party like a NBHAP party, right? Yes, we know we tend to get quite serious over here from time to time, delivering moody playlists and stuff BUT as you know, life’s not about being sad all the time. It also invites us to celebrate joy and the good times we can have with this music and our friends. And sometimes you simply have to let off some steam to keep yourself going, right? Finding the proper music for a good party is a challenge that’s been tricky for generations. Everyone got different tastes, different songs they love and different musical worlds that get them grooving. Some prefer all the big hits, others head for the more obscure territory and damn – it’s really tough to get all these different worlds under one roof, right? Anyway, our Tasteful Party Times playlist on Spotify is trying its best to give you exactly that – the best sounds from multiple musical cosms, compiled for all those of you who don’t want to stick with just one genre.

So, we got seven hours of music that have just one main goal: to make you dance and lift your spirit. There’s a few funky classics from the 1970s in here, pop classics from the 1980s as well as indie-rock goodies from the 00s, electronic dance anthems and modern day pop gems. Getting the all hyped Lizzo right next to a Janet Jackson classic from the 80s? Here you go! Experimental jazz-funk combo Vulfpack right next to Billie Eilish, the Beastie Boys and the Talking Heads? Also in here. Calvin Harris, Rick James, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, The Clash, DJ Koze, Franz Ferdinand… well, you get an idea of this wild selection by now, okay? We tried to compile the most diverse tasteful party playlist that was possible, one you can play easily on your next house party or whenever you feel the need to bring a bit groove into your life. We sincerely hope you’ll also dance through the lesser known tunes. Have a good one!