Photo by Rosanna Graf

Who is it?

German songwriter SOPHIA KENNEDY is the latest addition to acclaimed electronic label Pampa Records, run by the almighty DJ KOZE. And that itself is quite interesting, considering the fact that she’s not another producer-only act in the roster of the label, instead she delivers proper pop material and isn’t afraid to name it exactly that way. Label boss KOZE himself described the young lady’s upcoming debut LP as the first real songwriter album in Pampa and that sums it up pretty well.

Why should you listen to it?

Build Me A House is an uplifting piece of electronic pop music with a fair amount of soul, showing how easily Mr. KENNEDY can switch between tender R&B mode and traditional crooner territory. Aside from its uplifting notion the piano-driven track is a brave and fascinating attempt to combine traditional songwriting with a contemporary musical surrounding. What a talent!

What’s next?

On April 28 SOPHIA KENNEDY will unleash the full madness in the form of her self-titled debut album, released via Pampa Records, obviously.

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