Swedish singer SOPHIA SOMAJO, also known as SOSO, just released a new track and you should not miss it. Entitled Klein Blue, the euphoric pop tune is both an homage to her own persona and french performance artist and painter YVES KLEIN from the 20th century. It represents also the first single of the songstress’ upcoming EP Freudian Slip Vol. 1.

‚[KLEIN’s] visual world has been like a ‘backdrop’ to my life, you could say‘, SOMAJO claims. ‚Gold leaf and toxic pigments. Beautiful but dangerous.‘ It was the painter’s famous Blue Sponge Relief which caught the singer’s attention as a little girl. Since than KLEIN’s art inspires her art instantly.

The song itself was created due to the misunderstanding of your own person. The singer explains: ‚I often get a feeling (both professionally and in my private life) that I’m perceived as a ‘dark’ and heavy person. In the song I say; if you see me from far, I can look black as the night. As if I am lacking colour… But if you come closer and see me in a different light, you see that I’m actually tinged with blue. Klein Blue.‘

Produced by PER EKLUND and JIMMY ‘SVIDDEN’ KOITSCH, the track consists of heavy synths and electro elements, mixed with ultra-catchy drums and SOMAJO’s unique voice (which reminds a bit of SIA in a few moments). The Stockholm-based singer gives a pop-anthem with airplay potential, without being over the top and, most important, dump in content. We can be excited about her forthcoming EP, which is scheduled for February 2016.