Beyond CluelessWhen you grew up as a girl in the 1990s the fancy teen movie Clueless from 1995 was one of the essential movies of that time. The funny flick with Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy and Paul Rudd was some sort of essential guide to mid 90s fashion and style. A true cult movie which becomes even clearer now that all the 90s girls are also part of the pop industry. Hyped singer IGGY AZALEA produced a full music video as a tribute to the movie – and now there will be even a documentary about Clueless which comes with an exclusive soundtrack by indie-pop duo SUMMER CAMP.

Beyond Clueless was directed by Charlie Lyne and explorers the influential style of the movie. SUMMER CAMP, who released their self-titled second album last year, provide 12 new tracks for the soundtrack that are inspired by the movie’s legacy. And we can clearly sense that singer Elizabeth Sankey is a true fan girl. It’s quite an interesting concept that might work as well even if you’re not a fan of 1990s teen movies. The title track is out now and you should definitely enjoy it right here.