Sun Glitters + IsanAlthough we get closer and closer to spring time with every day, it’s still winter here at the NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION headquarter. And especially on a cloudy day on which it is snowing from morning to evening we get reminded of this. So, it seems logical that today’s Sound Of The Day is called Snowflake and is a collabortaion by SUN GLITTERS and ISAN.

The track is taken from the new compilation Wrong Weather Forecast#2 which SUN GLITTERS mastermind Victor Ferreira compiled. It’s a free download sampler, so be quick to get your version right here. Ferreira’s new collaboration with British duo ISAN has all the laidback characteristics we love about good chillwaving electronica. A comforting feeling that warms up our hearts on a cold winter day like today. And we want you to feel the same way by turning up your headphones and enjoy the beauty of the falling snow with this song in your head.