Swans - The Glowing Man - Artwork

Michael Gira and his almighty SWANS return with a new album called The Glowing Man on June 17 via Mute/GootToGo. It’s the fourth album after their reformation in 2010, following 2014’s To Be Kind. And it could be the final one of SWANS, at least in the current form as Gira already told prior to its release. He might continue to record and release music via the SWANS label but only Gira knows in which form that might take place. He also hints on stepping down from touring a bit.

SWANS already released a snippet of the album’s title-track which Gira explains in the following words:

The song ‘The Glowing Man’ contains a section of the song ‘Bring The Sun’ from our previous album, To Be Kind. The section is, of course, newly performed and orchestrated to work within its current setting. ‘The Glowing Man’ itself grew organically forward and out of improvisations that took place live during the performance of ‘Bring The Sun’, so it seemed essential to include that relevant section here. Since over the long and tortured course of the current song’s genesis, it had always been such an integral cornerstone I believe we’d have been paralyzed and unable to perform the entire piece at all without it.

Get a first glimpse of it right here.