tame impala 2014

Australian psych band TAME IMPALA covered MICHAEL JACKSON’s Stranger in Moscow. The cover is a studio version was just unveiled by the band. The king of pop wrote Stranger in Moscow in 1993, at the height of the highly publicized child abuse accusations made against him, while on tour in Moscow. The song was released as fifth single of his album History: Past, Present and Future, Book I.

michael jackson - stranger in moscow

‘How does it feel when you’re alone and you’re cold inside?’ Well, one thing is for sure: both versions of Stranger in Moscow are heartwarming. Listen of the original version by MICHAEL JACKSON and the cover by TAME IMPALA below. Decide which of the two versions is your personal Sound of the Day. We at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION are in love with both versions!

TAME IMPALA‘s version feels warmer and more dreamy than the original. Of course, it’s ‘fresh out of the oven’ (as the band stated on their Facebook page).

MICHAEL JACKSON’s Stranger in Moscow music video shows lives of six individuals, who are left isolated and disconnected from the world around them. One of them is JACKSON, in Moscow.