The 2 Bears - 2014HOT CHIP member Joe Goddard and his producer buddy Raf Rundell aka THE 2 BEARS report back with their second full-length longplayer. The Night Is Young is the name of the forthcoming record which has no specific release date yet. And the two bear brothers also released a first single from it called Angel (Touch Me). The video clip for it was inspired by the Wim Wenders’ movie Wings Of Desire.

Rundell on the inspiration for the video: ‘I really recognised the feeling people have in that movie when angels come and lay a hand on their shoulder. Their thoughts slow down and things they’ve been chewing over or worrying about seem to resolve, or get left behind at least for a while. I think it’s a feeling a lot of people know…’ You can enjoy the new clip by THE 2 BEARS right here.