The Bianca Story
Having something crowdfunded is THE thing at the moment. Especially for artists. It’s a challenging act, that much is for sure. But it allows them a certain creative freedom. And when it works everyone profits from it. Swiss indie-rock band THE BIANCA STORY clearly did. Or better said, they are still doing. Their upcoming fourth album Digger is up for crowdfunding right here. 90.000 Euro are needed, more than the half of it are already achieved. In the end, once the goal is reached, everything will be available for free download. And chances are high that you’ll receive an entertaining and viral piece of indie-rock.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION supports such brave ambitions and we are happy to present you another cut from the record which is up for a release on November the 29th. You Sir is another joyful gem from the record and it’s up now in form of an exclusive studio session. Enjoy THE BIANCA STORY right here.