FilmBeforeFilmThe first impression of anything is always quite important – a good movie is no exception. So, may it be only a few or no words at the beginning of a little indie movie or the extended and quite artistic opening sequence of a James Bond movie. It’s quite interesting to see how all these ideas helped shaping the character of the movie. While some are quite standard, other title sequences are more creative.

If you are as interested as NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in these moments at the beginning of a movie we’ve got a great thing for you – The Film Before The Film. This little video is the result of a research project at the BTK (Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule) and it gives great historical overview on the evolution of the title sequence.


Nora Thoes, Damian Pérez

Animation & Cut:
Nora Thoes, Damian Pérez

Text & Translation:
Nora Thoes, Christian Mahler

Sound & Dubbing:
Damian Pérez

Proofreading & Voice:
Demetrius Papadakis

Christian Mahler, Daniel Wangen