The Knife - 2013Acclaimed Swedish electronic duo THE KNIFE are about to release a sort-of remix album called Shaken-Up Versions. The new album will be released on June 17 and it features updated versions of some classics from the band’s discography. The reworks have been specifically created for the band’s recent US tour for their most recent album Shaking The Habitual. Without You My Life Would Be Boring, one of the tracks from their most recent album, also gets a special ‘shaken-up version.’ THE KNIFE and director Bitte Andersson also created a music video for it. Find it right below under the album’s tracklisting.

Tracklist ‘Shaken-Up Versions’
01. We Share Our Mothers’ Health (Shaken-Up Version)
02. Got 2 Let U (Shaken-Up Version)
03. Bird (Shaken-Up Version)
04. Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version)
05. Pass This On (Shaken-Up Version)
06. Ready to Lose (Shaken-Up Version)
07. Stay Out Here (Shaken-Up Version)
08. Silent Shout (Shaken-Up Version)

[youtube id=”NcXg_p-Yj18″ width=”620″ height=”350″]