Trails And Ways - Skeletons - Video


If you’ve been following NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION for a few years you might know that we share a huge amount of love for Californian band TRAILS AND WAYS and their sunny indie-pop anthems. When we talked with the band back in early 2013 they already had the idea of an album in mind but it took them two more years to finally put one together. And judging from previously released tracks like the tender Say You Will we will get the perfect soundtrack for the summer of 2015 with this record.

Why Should I Watch This?

The clip to the album’s lead single Skeletons marks the band’s very own interpretation of a post-apocalyptic setting. Set 600 years in the future the band plays a science team which is sent to Earth for research purpose. They walk through an old factory building and have to face rather zombies nor bizarre mutations but a young dancing gentleman. Yes, TRAILS AND WAYS chose a rather gloomy concept for their dystopian vision. This certainly is no Mad Max but one of those clips that will automatically put a smile upon your face.

Anything Else?

Pathology, the long overdue debut album by TRAILS AND WAYS, arrives on June the 2nd via Barsuk and we hope you are as excited about this fact as we are. And in the meantime just search for a few of the band’s classic tunes like Nunca or Border Crosser. Most of them are available for free download and you don’t want to miss that opportunity, trust us.