Travis Everything At Once Screenshot


Ah, good old TRAVIS. On a cute little post-it note, the band announced on their Facebook page that ‘We have new songs, we have been recording. We thought you might like to hear one of them.’ To which we at NOTHING AT HOPE AND PASSION say: yes please! Their new song is called Everything At Once and is clearly from their upcoming album – name yet unknown.

Why Should I Watch This?

The video starts off with the band on a quarry side in Cornwall with Fran Healy strapped up and ready to swing from a giant swing. The scene cuts to a studio scene with German actor Daniel Brühl as Dirk Brûlée – a talkshow host with the sexiest red leather jacket you’ll ever see – talking to the band about their missing member: Fran Healy. What exactly happened to their lead singer you wonder? Well, best take a look for yourself.

Anything Else?

Via Instagram TRAVIS have been showing us their recording progress at the Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin. One of those songs they’ve been preparing for us to hear is Everything At Once. And to sweeten the wait for the new album, the guys have been gracious enough to give away their song on their website. So if you like the video, head on over and grab a download.