Underworld - 2016

Last fall influential electronic dance duo UNDERWORLD announced the release of Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future, their first album in six years. Now, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith have shared first music from it in the form of I Exhale, the album’s opening track. In a press release the band described the sound of their comeback record in the following words:

So what’s there in the shining future? The opening punch of a two-note detuned bass riff crunching over relentless percussion; the elegiac swoop of strings as they stretching out across off-world electronics; a demented lupine howl that curls itself into an unshakeable earworm; celestial techno and South American acoustics; voices that warp into harmonic riffs; found lyrics that form fine-tuned monolgues; head music to dance to..

Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future arrives on March 18 and you can listen to the new single below.