Ain’t no party like a Poolside party, girls and boys. For the past decade the Californian collective that’s run by mastermind Jeffrey Paradise established themselves as experts in the field of laidback and sun-drenched smoothness. Their freshly released new studio album Low Season is a perfect example here but so are the countless remixes and mixtapes he produced over the past years. His Daytime Disco series is one of the internet’s finest addresses when it comes to delicate and soulful pop vibes that channel house music, late 60s Yacht rock and other laidback musical adventures. And well, we honestly couldn’t think of a better fit when we thought about rearranging our very own Daydreaming Delight Playlist on Spotify so, we’re extremely happy that Mr. Paradise said ‘Yes’ to this one and also answered a few questions about his mix.

Hi Jeffrey, tell us a bit about the theme you picked for this selection?

“I’m on tour in Europe with Tycho at the moment and it’s snowing and raining in most places so I thought some music that fits the Daytime Disco concept for the cold winter would be interesting.”

What is the mood you are aiming for with this one?

“I thought something somber and nostalgic would be really nice to listen to on the tour bus while watching the world go by.”

Your Daytime Disco mixes are always a blast. What inspired you to compile music around that subject?

“It’s music I love to listen to and it’s not easy to find in one place because it encompasses many genres and eras of music. Soul, funk, jazz, rock, and even some country music can all fit into the Daytime Disco zone as long as it has a groove and the right vibe, so I started compiling this type of music for myself to listen to while hanging with pals, doing things around the house, backyard cook outs and of course pool parties, and then started making music to fit in with this sound and Daytime Disco was born.”

Compiling mixtapes on a regular basis like you do also often means “digging for song treasures”. How do you do that?

“I started collecting records in high school, worked at a record store in San Francisco for 5 years, began as a vinyl DJ and spent countless hours digging in record stores and trading music with other DJs, so I have a pretty deep knowledge and collection. These days I use Discogs, YouTube, Spotify, anything really. When I find out about something new, a new scene of music I didn’t know about, I tend to dive deep and read a bunch about it, discover compilations and just start poking around the internet to find out more.”

Any highlights in this selection we should pay attention to?

“Black Sabbath can be Daytime Disco, so can Underworld and so can Steve Reich.”

So, without further ado we kindly invite you to follow Poolside on this winter edition of the Daytime Disco series into a place that’s packed with warmth and harmony. Please note that Jeffrey’s selection has now merged with our own picks, creating a mighty 100-track long version of the Daydreaming Delight playlist.