Deerhunter - Snakeskin - Video


It’s been two years since we’ve heard back from Atlanta’s fuzziest pop band DEERHUNTER. 2013’s Monogamia was an excellent piece of distorted beauty – something that made being anachronistic felt right again. Now the band around singer and songwriter Bradford Cox is back with a new album, up for a release on October 16th. It’s called Fading Frontier, will arrive via 4AD and contain nine new songs. The first glimpse is a track called Snakeskin and its got an aptly shot video.

Why Should I Watch This?

Directed by Valentina Tapia, this clip is a typical DEERHUNTER. A little enigmatic, mesmerizing in its weirdness and still a joy to look at. Plus, the new song Snakeskin sounds like Bradford Cox and band would be doing the funk in a cellar for the rats to watch – it could be even called catchy until the hazy and long fade out sets in.

Anything Else

Whereas 2010’s Halcyon Digest was an epic piece of shoegazing psychrock and 2013’s Monogamia smashed its predecessors ambitions with delightful loudness, this new album, Fading Frontier, could possibly turn out to show DEERHUNTER‘s more accessible site. At least that’s what the official announcement says. But Snakeskin somehow make it seem likely.