Von Spar - Try Though We Might - Video

‘How u keep ur hair so shiny, u use shampoo or what’. Sometimes YouTube comments are abusive, sometimes they’re inane, and sometimes, such as in the case of this comment on VON SPAR’s video for latest single Try Though We Might, they’re just a dude looking for some honest hair care advice.

Try Though We Might is a lush piece of soft psychedelia, with vague hints of TAME IMPALA. It’s built around warped guitars and piano, and little busts of saxophone add pep to the dreamy soundscape. Try Though We Might is taken from their 2014 album Streetlife, out on Italic Recordings. If you want to know more about the talented gentlemen please check out NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s extended ‘Spot On’-article. And we’re also presenting their forthcoming tour dates which you can find below. And yes, they do have shiny hair. They must use shampoo or what. Think about it while watching the new VON SPAR clip right here.

NBHAP presents: Von Spar on tour

01.04.2015 Münster (DE) — Gleis 22
02.04.2015 Hamburg (DE) — Übel&Gefährlich
03.04.2015 Berlin (DE) — Gretchen Club
04.04.2015 Bremen (DE) — Lagerhaus
05.04.2015 Dresden (DE) — Beatpol
07.04.2015 Salzburg (AT) — Rockhouse
08.04.2015 Muncih (DE) — Feierwerk
09.04.2015 Schorndorf (DE) — Manufaktur
10.04.2015 Winterthur (CH) — Kraftfeld
11.04.2015 Freiburg (DE) — White Rabbit
12.04.2015 Karlsruhe (DE) — Jubez