We Are Shining - Press 2014

‘There is no law as to how we make music.’ If you have a band stating such a credo right from the beginning you better be good and stick up to it. Acyde from London-based band WE ARE SHINING is the origin of that quote and judging from the music he and his creative partner Zarate create together they know a thing or two about mixing various genres and melting them together in form of one hot soup. The ingredients are rich in their nature – from dirty 60s blues, to psychedelic funk with traces of soul and afro-beat. The result is a furious and spicey hurricane in your ears.

After being celebrated producers in the London-scene for a while now WE ARE SHINING are finally ready to step into the limelight. Kara is the name of their just released debut album which is already praised by critics and music lovers. So if you don’t know them by now be ready to have your mind opened as NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION delivers you a hot and spicey breakfast to get you through this day. Watch the clip for Road right here.