We Have Band - Out The Woods - Video


British indietronic trio WE HAVE BAND teamed up with Japanese dance collective TOMATO. The song is called Out The Woods and is taken off the band’s forthcoming new EP The Woods. And the idea came by accident and good old ‘Let’s browse YouTube a bit-activity. Well, of course, with a mission. The British three-piece checked hundreds of different dance troops while have the new single played in the background. And it looks like three girls from Chiba, Japan got the first place.

Why should I watch this?

If you are generally interested in the daily craziness of Japan then, of course, you will love this. Three Japanese girls performing an impressive dance routine in various setting, including a fairground, a diner, a mysterious fantasy land and the top of a mountain… obviously. Besides that the song itself is extremely catchy and grooving so you might find yourself dancing along to it as well.

Anything else?

The follow-up to the band’s third album Movements will be released on April 26. And WE HAVE BAND also just compiled an exclusive guestmix for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION which will drop soon so expect more opportunities for practising your private choreography in your living room.