Last week Swedish singer/sad girl TOVE LO returned to the scene with her electro-vibrant sophomore album Lady Wood. Just a few days after its release the artist revealed a visual component to it in form of a short film. Entitled Fairy Dust, the 30 minute long video takes us deep into the young woman’s mind. A tragic land – filled with ecstasy, sex and tears. Directed by TIM EREM and TOVE LO herself, the singer portraits the starring role next to actress and activist LINA ESCO.

It’s no news that the artistic universe of the singer is based on human emotions and the destruction they can cause. Once again she makes no excuses, Fairy Dust is a dark-twisted flash of inner ups and downs.

After a roller coaster of the woman’s senses, ESCO gets introduced to the film in an empty hotel room – having a monologue, arguing, being a complete mess. Out of nowhere TOVE is to be found with her in bed. The sex begins. No apologies – and it’s just the beginning.

In the course of happenings the viewer gets more and more aware of the fact that ESCO portrays the singer’s alter ego. A damaged persona, cruel and self-destructive. Melt-downs, a car crash and confusion are the results of this messy ride. The story is accompanied by some tracks of the album, including Influence, Lady Wood, True Disaster and her latest hit  Cool Girl.

The fine line between emancipation and exploitation

So what is the intension of Fairy Dust? Indeed it presents an interesting journey through the brain of one of the moment’s most authentic mainstream pop-artists. Supporters of feminism might get parted with the film, but TOVE LO shows unapologetically that woman have the right to be seductive, insane, sexy and weak at the same time. Sounds not that shocking at first – still YouTube decided to block the video first due to its explicit sexual content. Just take the ending scene where the singer gets observed by her devilish second nature while masturbating pleasurable (to the yet unreleased but amazing What I Want For The Night). It’s nothing you see in a music video every day.

As always it’s the fine line between emancipation and exploitation. Sex sells, yes. But on the other hand it’s quite a natural thing so there is absolutely no necessesity in being forced to hide it. The singer presents us an extended music video where she nearly celebrates her sinking and enjoys the tragedy. That might be the most controversial and memorable part of the whole thing, which is beyond amazing. Be wild, be free, don’t give a shit about problems. Enjoy life with all its darkness and cruelty, especially when you are young.

Not to forget: Besides the content, TOVE LO were active as a writer and producer of the work which clarifies her position not only as a female performer, but businesswoman. Go ahead, girl!

Lady Wood is out now via Island Records