White Sea - They Don't KnowSome things just seem to be impossible. You certainly can’t be a member of the live line-uo of synthgaze superband M83 and won’t share a certain love for epicness. Morgan Kibby is definitely not an artist who’s hiding her ambitions and love for the big picture. After already collaborating with the already named band from Anthony Gonzales and also with BIG BLACK DELTA she’s now ready for the next step with her alter ego WHITE SEA.

Her new single They Don’t Know is one hell of a musical wake up call. Hello world, this is Morgan, this is her sound – and it’s epic as hell. Big drums, bells and string pads – and in the ocean of orchestral wilderness it’s Kibby and her stunning voice that shouts its emotions into the world. This is big – already yet. And it might get even bigger. WHITE SEA is up for more, that much is quite possible.