Wolf Alice - Photo by JamesGrant

Photo by James Grant

WOLF ALICE have been putting in the prep for a while now. Two EPs (Blush and Heavenly Creatures) into their career, the London-based guitar brats have picked 2015 as their year to crash-land into the popular consciousness. They were named on the BBC Sound Of 2015 list, toured around Europe with ALT-J and have announced the release of their debut album My Love Is Cool. And that announcement has coincided with their unveiling of a new single, Giant Peach.

Giant Peach is a track built entirely out of snarl and sneer, filled with throwaway attitude lines (‘It’s hard to give a, hard to give a …WHOO!’) and spine-reducing wallop. The song progresses with guitars loaded with barely contained violence and Ellie Rowsell’s ominous, muttered breakdown (‘I don’t know what keeps me here, it’s not the boy that gives me funny feels’) before the whole thing collapses into a slurry of colossal riffs and jerks to a halt. It’s essentially growling, unprocessed rock music, and even in a cynical world it’s hard to deny just how fucking exciting that is. My Love Is Cool is out on June 22 on Dirty Hit/RCA. This is the year of WOLF ALICE. Howl with them right here.