Woman's Hour - Darkest PlaceSometimes visiting the darkest place can hold some sort of relief within it. Probably in some form of “It can only get better from now on” … we’re not sure if this was the intention of London-based band WOMAN’S HOUR and their latest single Darkest Place but this fascinating video clip really caught our attention. While the musical feeling of the song is quite warm and filled with a lot of dreamy harmony, the music video goes into a different direction. It’s full of intensity and a certain disturbing note.

Created in collaboration with Broomberg & Chanari WOMAN’S HOUR combine their dreampop-like song with stylish black and white material of … well, we don’t know what exactly it is. Is it intensity, sadness, fear or at least a certain degree of uncomfortness? This clip really leaves space for interpretation – and it’s out sound of the night today.