Work Drugs - Sunset On High StreetJust as productive as we know them – American indie-pop band WORK DRUGS is back with new material, although they’ve just dropped a new EP called Amore back in February. But there is a new album in the making and Sunset On High Street is the first smooth single from it. Pure retro pop pleasure, just like the two masterminds Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisana love it as they also told NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in an interview.

And the new song got a tender story too as the band tells: “The song was written about a homeless man named Milton Angland that we met on our last trip to Los Angeles. He shared with us stories of warm days on the fringe, the beauty of endless gridlock, the smell of a California summer breeze, the homeless community in LA, revolution, and the people in Hollywood who gave him a chance.” Quite lovel,y watch the video right here and grab a free download as well.