A World Without Hunger is Possible

A world without hunger is possible is a short film about daily life in Malawi. It is part of a larger documentary produced by FAO (United Nations) and ECHO (European Commission), and it is meant to show how different agencies and NGOs help rural communities in Southern Africa fight floods, hurricanes, and droughts. The film opens up to the music of MARIA HINES, with the sun rising over motionless trees and soaring clouds. The film maintains a measured pace throughout, showing lives lived in the fullness of the present, where every moment is held up to awareness. The man walking through his fields, every step on the dirt noticed and accounted for. The boy staring at the camera, every blink of his eye catching our attention. The dry grass poking through cracks of dry earth, every windswept movement taking up the whole frame. Every splash of water in the bucket, every reflection of sunlight shimmering across a liquid surface. Every laugh, smile; every expression of exhaustion, effort, determination, and monotony held up to our eyes to be noticed.

The video is intended to show daily life in these villages, a life that is difficult, yet full of dignity. There is no dialogue, and the film doesn’t need many words to describe its message. It is meant to be watched and felt, not talked about. So watch and let the film slow you down to nature’s deliberate pace of real, present moments.