The Archive - MovieYou might love music (otherwise you wouldn’t be here). You might even like records. ‘Cause which music lover actually doesn’t? But there’s no chance you love them as much as Paul Mawhinney. The man from Pittsburgh dedicated his life to the sound of records. And to the collecting of them as well. Which makes him the person with the largest record collection in the world actually. Basicalls one reason why he his called ‘The Music Man’ as well.

Just imagine this massive amount of love, enthusiasm and passion within this hobby. And also imagine the deep sadness in the fact that Mawhinney is now forced to sell his collection since he’s dealing with health problems and – like we all – the struggling music industry. This is almost too much to take. The Archive, a very short documentary by filmmaker Sean Dunne, deals with this situation, this man and his dedication. We could all learn from him.