Yann Tiersen - Meteorites - VideoWhen you’re looking for good music to comfort you during the night you can’t possibly do wrong with acclaimed composer YANN TIERSEN. The charismatic man is always a good choice, may it be in form of his famous movie scores or via his solo albums. ∞ (Infinity) is the name of his latest longplayer which has been released back in May via MUTE Records. A great selection of songs that really shows the strength of Mr. TIERSEN. And Meteorites, the closing track, might be one of its finest moments, that much is for sure.

In collaboration with director RobisRob the musician has now created a terrific black-and-white music video for the song. It features actress Clémence Poésy as the center of the clip as hypnotic images slowly unfold around her. The spoken-words-like voice belongs to Aidan Moffat from ARAB STRAP. Quite a breathtaking result that will surely help you to get through this night.