aska - Press - 2013Sometimes a fresh start isn’t the worst idea. And these three lads from Germany – who call themselves YASKA – might know a thing or two about this. If you are a longtime visitor of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION you might remember their previous band LOST.MINDS who had split to split up in early 2012. But nothing’s forever, even the end. So, out of the ashes and right into the night comes YASKA. A new start and a new perspective – and the right music to be our Sound of the night tonight.

The bittersweet melancholia of their debut track Falling Twins comes with a certain sense new wave aesthetics why the refrain can’t deny it’s pop appeal. It’s the balance of these two worlds probably. Best heard while the sun is sleeping. And we’re wide awake for what comes next by these guys. Feel invited to join the ride immediately.