yaska - falling twins

YASKA’s Falling Twins EP will be out on December 2nd 2013




Many musicians and writers have already written countless odes to Iceland and its unique nature. Capturing the special atmosphere of this little island is as challenging as it is beautiful. German indie-band YASKA managed to succeed on this challenge. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the premiere of Falling Twins, the debut music video by the trio. It follows frontman Martin into the Icelandic countryside, straight to the sea.

You might remember the song featured as Sound of the Day back in July. And it looks like YASKA have been quite productive lately since a full Falling Twins EP is set for a release on December the 2nd. The song combines the urgency of hectic indie-rhythms with the epic guitar walls of post-rock, all bound together by a certain dark undertone. Like sings of impending catastrophy. Well, NBHAP certainly senses impending success for these guys.

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