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For Folk’s Sake

The idea of folk music is very much alive, constantly reimagined and shaped anew by artists from all around the globe. This is the space where we attempt to peek behind the curtains of the genre’s heritage.

Portrait shot of Neev. She looks into the camera. Her blond her flows over her shoulders. She is standing in nature. in the background are trees.

The Forces Of Identity: Neev On The Theatrical Bones Of “Katherine”

Blending a quest for belonging and a theatrical play with identity and multiple personas, the first full-length of London-based indie folk artist is one of the most promising folk debuts this year. In light of a fresh update of our continuing folk series, NBHAP editor Andreas took the time to chat up the artist for an in-depth discussion of the record.

“Keeping The Faith In Life And In Love”: About The Retro-Tinged Folk Of Signe Marie Rustad

In a matter of reviving a classic songwriter spirit, Norwegian folk artist Signe Marie Rustad’s recent record turns a hopeful spirit into artistic courage and a nostalgic feel. For a new edition of our folk column we took the opportunity to chat her up and let her elaborate on the process, going into the tracks of her new record "Particles Of Faith" in detail. Make sure you also head into the playlist, which she co-curated with us for this occasion.

The Strange Spheres Of The Mind: Diving Into Macie Stewart’s Solo Debut

On her debut album "Mouthful Of Glass" the Chicago-based multi-talent gives deep insights into her process of self-reflection putting the colorful world of her mind into sound. Taking over our "For Folk's Sake" series for the first time, NBHAP author Lilly Timme called up Macie Stewart to talk about her journey through almost every musical genre, and how leaving genre boundaries and expectations behind led her to new inspiration.

“A Whole New World”: Lucas Laufen And The Gracious Art Of “Weathering”

Experiencing the music of the rising folk artist is an exercise in listening closely and his just released sophomore LP is a particular diamond in that regard. Following up on the subtle art of the acclaimed songwriter in the return of his folk column, NBHAP co-head Andreas caught up with the Australian to talk new sonic encounters, pandemic circumstances and urban challenges on a whole.

For Folk’s Sake: Le Ren’s Debut Album Is A Tender “Collection Of Relics From The Past”

On her brand new debut LP "Leftovers", the Canadian songwriter Lauren Spear explores past relationships, musing on the value of romantic love, family ties and friendships, forming a tender narrative in between nostalgia and the nature of affection. For this fresh edition of his folk column, NBHAP author Andreas zoomed up the artist to talk about the various ingredients of music and how we should savour friendships more than we are taught to.

For Folk’s Sake: Hollow Coves Share Their Vision Of Experiencing “The Richness Of Life”

The Brisbane folk duo has come a long way from a low-key DIY project on Soundcloud to a must-know major act gathering large audiences from all around the globe, breathing new life into the challenged genre of smooth guitar folk. Following their recent “Blessings” EP, NBHAP author Andreas zoomed up the two to talk about keeping a positive mindset in pandemic times, songwriting challenges and how to avoid being tied to the indie folk closet.

For Folk’s Sake: How “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” Changed The Future Of Indie Folk Ten Years Ago

Despite all popular belief, the idea of folk music is still very much alive, constantly reimagined and shaped anew by artists from every corner of the globe. In this ongoing column we’d like to peek behind the curtains of the heritage of a genre. Celebrating the decennial jubilee of Bon Iver’s self-titled sophomore release, NBHAP author Andreas decided to dig up his thoughts on the pioneering achievement of Justin Vernon’s acclaimed masterpiece.

For Folk’s Sake: Revisiting The Alluring Worlds Of Bob Dylan In Honour Of His 80th Birthday

Despite all popular belief, the idea of folk music is still very much alive, constantly reimagined and shaped anew by artists from every corner of the globe. In honour of the grandmaster’s 80th jubilee, NBHAP author Andreas would like to dedicate the second edition of this ongoing column to the iconic figure of Bob Dylan and the heritage the American folk poet has left us with.

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