A good DJ-mix can be a journey, whether it’s one from night to day, from sweet to rough or from one genre to another. I personally always enjoy these journeys of sound where you suddenly end up at a different point in terms of music than when you started it. A good mix feels like a natural flow, one that celebrates the transitional power of specific sounds and I got the notion that Francis Harris is feeling exactly the same way. Following a praised career in the field of techno the DJ and producer has slowly but steady opened his musical cosmos for new fields in the past years, moving it further away from the club floor and into cinematic and experimental fields – this aspect is clearly sensible in his exclusive NBHAP Guestmix which we are happy to debut today.

Francis Harris and musical partner Gabe Hedrick aka Aris Kindt

Harris‘ ongoing evolution recently led up to a second album by his side project Aris Kindt, a collaboration with guitarist Gabe Hedrick. Their new LP Swann And Odette was released back in October via label Kingdoms and it’s a hidden treasure for all lovers of atmospheric and laidback music with a longing for darkness. I really enjoyed the record and would even go so far to say that it might have been the more fitting soundtrack to that Blade Runner sequel than the one from Hans Zimmer. Aris Kindt tread lightly into the twilight and deliver a fascinating soundtrack for life’s more introspective moments. Francis Harris‘ compliation of music for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION follows a similar path as he confirms:

‘This mix represents a small snapshot of how I approach a night of curated music when I tour. Its fascinating to see how differently a night progresses when you don’t hit people over the head with club music all night. In general, the night feels more open and relaxed.’

And even if you don’t know every artist and tune that are featured in this selection you will clearly enjoy the haunting journey this mix is providing. It’s the perfect score for a grey winter day, cold nights and moments of sweet solitude, so what more can you ask for?


01. Gregg Kowalsky – Maliblue Dream Sequence
02. Oren Ambarchi – Corkscrew
03. Bernard Parmegiani – L’oeil Ecoute
04. Stars Of The Lid – The Lonely People
05. Terekke – At Ba
06. Hood – Rain Never Tires
07. Loscil – Prairie Trains
08. Koss – Voyage
09. Kara-Lise Coverdale & LXV – Grigori In Jakarta
10. Jon Hassell- Mombasa
11. Arve Henriksen – Bird’s Eye View
12. Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman – African Roots
13. MT aka Bayaka – Homosperical (DJ Sprinkles Remix)