Ho Ho Ho, girls and boys – ’tis the season! And whether you celebrate it or not you can’t ignore some of its festive magic from time to time. So, for those of you who aren’t interested in playing the gruffy Grinch this year we got the perfect Christmas Calendar for your delight – one packed with great and surprising music! Yes, talented and restless Swiss artist Evelinn Trouble (who we introduced to you earlier this year) launches a very special project to accompany you over the next few weeks.

The idea for the Trouble & Friends Christmas Calendar was born two years ago when the artist recorded a few song sketches in the style of 1920s music after moving to Berlin. It was a tough period for Evelinn Trouble but those short songs with jazz vibes really helped her during those grey winter days and they also come with a certain festive vibe since Trouble grew up as a daughter of a Swedish jazz singer which explains her natural affection towards this music.

So, what can you expect from the Trouble & Friends calender? Basically what the name implies – the singer invited befriended musicians to contribute their own little song sketches to the calender while also presenting her own ones on this shiny homepage and via her Instagram. We can’t tell you yet who’s going to be involved because why spoil the surprise? But trust us, we already listened to a few of these small Christmas gifts and you won’t be disappointed. As you can see, there’s still the possibility to celebrate Christmas with style and dignity, right?

The party starts on December the 1st, so don’t forget to enlist right here to receive a new song every day in your inbox.