Yes, it’s happening again. The successful INTRODUCING series returns to Berlin on May 23 live on stage at The Reed, once again presented by yours truly. For those of you who’d like to think ahead and love to discover exciting new urban pop and alternative music this is a must-visit event … well, if you happen to be in the city. And the best part – as always – it’s free as the INTRODUCING series remains a free ‘guestlist-only’ affair. More info at the bottom of this page.


German songwriter Simon Graupner aka Shelter Boy makes that sort of sound that perfectly fits to the current spring season. The first singles of his alter ego deliver sun-drenched slacker sounds that channel the smooth spirit of Mac DeMarco and Real Estate. Warm sounds and decliate hooks we surely can’t get enoughf of and you’ll probably fall in love with Shelter Boy quite easily.


There’s something quite fascinating about the sound of Greentea Peng, maybe because it’s so hard to categorize it. Born in Bermondsey South East London the psychedelic soul songstress delivers an exciting mixture of hypontic vibes and genres that isn’t afraid to embrace a certain contradiction. She’s both – dark and light, half soul-searcher and half wise-cracking and her music feels like a truly adventurous trip you are all invited to join.


Despite being only 20-years young there’s something quite mature and old-fashioned in the voice of British songwriter Taylor Skye. Well, and it also feels a bit odd, giving his voice a really note. The twisted modern pop of his debut EP Kode Fine & Sons also helps this voice to find a fitting setting. So, whether you’d like to his music as contemporary lo-fi/ glitch soul or something entirely different you can’t ignore a certian feeling of freshness and excitement in this sound, right?

INTRODUCING is a guest-only event – so make sure you enlist on Please note that the capacity is limited, so make sure to arrive early.

The guestlist is open for a limited amount but in case it’s close don’t forget to check back at NBHAP and join the FB event in the meantime.