After Lea Porcelain kept us waiting for their highly anticipated debut album Hymns To The Night until June last year, they seem to be keen to keep the excitement level about their dreamy wave pop hits up. Today we present you a new song called If Time Was On My Side, off of a new, self-titled EP from the London/Berlin connection that’s coming out in April. Here’s what the band says about these new songs:

This EP is a compilation of tracks that we personally love and felt that we had to put on an extra EP, when the time was right. These tracks show a different side of us, in another context, but fully preserve the soul of our music. We think it’s really important to focus on context and aesthetics. We did have a few tracks that were going in this direction on the album (A Year From Here, Endlessly, The Love) but the tracks on this EP needed their own attention and an external release.

Every track on this EP feels for us like it needs to see the world and cannot be held back from us. It is our approach to always expand to other styles and simultaneously keep the same underlying emotion that makes our music sound like ‘Lea Porcelain’.

After Lea Porcelain already released a mesmerizing video for Gotta Run, you’re now about to witness the second of the EP’s four new songs. If Time Was On My Side is another piece of manic beauty and yet another testimony of how time really is on these guys’ side. Listen below and make sure to go and check them out live.