Part of what makes Russian group Angelic Milk‘s music work is how much work they put into building their world. The Angelic Milk cosmos is a landscape of teenage kicks, motorcycles, movie rebelliousness, cartoons, milkshakes, candyfloss and much more, which creates a zone in the listener’s head their music can play around in. After initially lightning-bolting into the indie cultural consciousness in 2015 and 2016 with the Pale and Teenage Movie Soundtrack EPs, the band fell off the radar for a while. Now however, they’re back on the trail with a debut album, DIVINE BIKER LOVE, due in January next year, and we’ve got the premiere of the new single, acid & coca-cola.

With a title that comes straight from their sugar-meets-sinister playground of references, acid & coca-cola is a big, snarling and brutal rock song. It’s probably the heaviest they’ve ever sounded to date – whereas their previous work might lean into scuzz here and there, acid & coca-cola has muscle and weight, with a gut-punch of a chorus aimed right at the listener. Despite that, it’s never dragged down by its power, and the band strike the right balance between might and melody to make this thing work, to make this murder-at-the-fairground of a song work.

Acid & Coca-Cola is out on Dec 14, and DIVINE BIKER LOVE arrives on January 11 on PNKSLM.