Over the past years Austria’s music scene blossomed into one of Europe’s most exciting and vital ones, thanks to unique and entertaining groups like Bilderbuch and Wanda. And the country isn’t stopping anytime soon as we’re happy to introduce you At Pavillon, the latest up and coming hype from Vienna. Mwita Mataro, Bernhard Melchart, Paul Majdzadeh-Ameli and Tobias Kobl already created a little buzz with their first singles All Eyes On You and Stop This War. Now, we’re happy to present you Lions, the latest song from the furious four-piece. It’s an ‘energy booster’ as the band describes it.

‘It is meant to empower the listener to be proud of him-/herself and offer a pavillon where race, religion, gender, class and sexual orientation are irrelevant.’

And indeed, the track did become a feelgood anthem that is carried by its uplifting indie-pop vibe. At Pavillon recall the greatness of Mid 00s heroes like Franz Ferdinand and The Killers but are clever enough to place the song in the here and now. So, raise your first, shake your money maker and stomp your feet to this mighty tune. And don’t forget to keep these lads on your radar.