Earlier this month, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION headed up north to check out new talents from Denmark and Scandinavia at SPOT Festival, which is where we discovered Danish singer and composer EXCELSIOR

Despite only having released her debut EP Superimposed on Antiphonics this month, Anja T. Lahrmann has been roaming around the Danish underground scene for much longer. On her new 5-track-EP she further explores her interest in electronic avant-garde and the more simple aesthetics. Exactly the kind of sonic atmosphere that make her songs appear like gentle steps into the singer-songwriter-realm full of textures and sounds that venture into a more complex direction eventually.

In her latest video Argo, Lahrmann can be seen exploring ‘the Kabbalistic ritual of the ‘Golem’ in which an androgynous character attempts to create the perfect version of itself in a sensuous state between dream and reality.’

Check out the premiere of the video right here.

EXCELSIOR’s single ‘Argo’ as well as the debut EP ‘Superimposed’ are out now via Antiphonics.